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The best source of high quality of Manpower Consultant. We are supplying Pakistani workers of all trades, skilled, semi skilled & High Skilled of every trade & Field. We Are fully committed to the complete satisfaction of both overseas employment seekers as well as Overseas Employment Providers. Azim Overseas Employment Promoters is a Manpower Recruitment Agency which is committed to job applicants who are desirous of overseas employment and helps them to find the right job and secure a better future.
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M/S Khalid Bin Abdul Rashid Trading EST.
Dammam- Saudi Arabia
M/S Emin Mohamed Amin Sinyoor Cont. EST.
UMLUJ- Saudi Arabia.
M/S Emin Mohamed Amin Sinyoor Cont. EST.
UMLUJ- Saudi Arabia.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
M/S Mohamed Aqel Al Aqil, MALARA Al-Khaleej Cont. EST,
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
M/S Abu-Azayem, Gen. Maintenance EST.
ABU-Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
M/S Ahmed Mohamed Yousuf Al-Mulla Gen Cont EST,
Rahimah, Saudi Arabia
M/S Alnida Al-Sareea, Gen. Maint EST
Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates
M/S Sara Ubaid A. Rahman Al-Utaibi, Cont, EST
Al-Khari, Saudi Arabia
M/S Mohamed Bin Ali Al-Khamis Trading EST
Jubail, Saudi Arabia
M/S Saleh Mohamed Al-Hanaky Cont. EST,
Rass, Saudi Arabia
M/S Fahd Salama Al-Abdullah Al-Shayea
Buraybah, Saudi Arabia
M/S Marwan Ali Ayesh Al Najesh Trdg. EST
Riyadh Saudi Arabia
M/S Waleed Abdullah Saleh Al-Harees Cont, EST
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
M/S Abdullah Mohamed Al-Najmee Est
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
M/S Hussain Ali-Al Shaikh Cont, EST.
Qatif, Saudi Arabia
M/S Khaled Bin Abdullah Al-Madan, Cont EST.
Qatif, Saudi Arabia
M/S Mohsin Balia Saood Al-Faheemi Gen Cont, EST.
Najran, Saudi Arabia
M/S Mubarik Bin Mohammad Al Utaibi Cont EST.
Dammam, Saudi Arabia
M/S Ibrahim Bin Sarhan Al-Sarhan Cont EST.
Hassa, Saudi Arabia
M/S Al Jazirah Al-Arabia Co. LTD.
Jeddah. Saudi Arabia
M/S Hussain Bin Hassan M.Ali Cont. EST.
Damman Saudi Araiba
M/S Fahd Abdur Rahman Al-HussainiTrdg, EST.
Riyadh Saudi Arabia
M/S Mushari Bin Saqr Al-Utaibi, EST
Buraydah, Saudi Arabia
M/S Fahd A.Aziz Al-Eid Cont. EST.
Buraydah, Saudi Arabia
M/S Alamirah, Nouf Bint Mohamed Bin Turkey,
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
M/S Abdul Hameed Bin Mohsin Cont, ESt.
Qateef, Saudi Arabia
M/S Mohamed Bin Taffar Al-Saffar
Qateef, Saudi Arabia
M/S Abdullah Mohamed Al-Qanas Cont, EST.
Damman, Saudi Arabia
M/S Saleh Bin Ibaheem Bin Ali cont. EST.
Onaiza, Saudi Arabia
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